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Modafinil Australia: Guide To Buying Smart Drugs in The Land Down Under

Buying Modafinil in Australia | Flag of Australia and Kangaroo Outline

With the current global marketplace, we have tons of ways to buy medicines! If you live in Australia and are looking for something to help you stay awake, such as modafinil, this article is for you.

Modafinil is a medicine of choice – both given as a prescription and even for healthy people. This is not surprising, knowing that it can effectively give you that needed alertness and cognitive boost!

However, you might feel lost regarding Australia’s regulation of importing medicines like modafinil. This leaves a lot of questions regarding their legality, purchase methods, and price.

Do not worry; this article is here to help!

What Is Modafinil?

Woman with curly hair has hands raised and puzzled look asking what's modafinil
Modafinil is an FDA-approved medicine primarily prescribed by doctors to manage narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, or shift work sleep disorder. Moreover, healthy people use this to help them be productive even during flat-out night shifts.

The main similarity with these conditions is that the individual needs something to help keep them awake.

As modafinil works on the brain, it increases your alertness and cognitive function for up to 12 hours. Some users also claim to have increased motivation to do their job or assignments. This is a big boost for people out there who struggle to maintain their work-school-life balance!

Modafinil’s mechanism of action is still puzzling, yet studies found it very effective with minimal risks. Most importantly, studies have reported virtually no severe cases of modafinil use or even abuse or addiction. Hence, this medicine is a very safe choice!

Is Modafinil Legal In Australia?

Medicines are made to be prescribed to ensure that medical professionals monitor an individual’s health and drug intake. Think of it as a safety precaution since medicines may do more harm than good to their users if not regulated. Hence, from a legal standpoint, prescription medicines are an excellent way to control drugs.

This holds true for most countries. Of course, each country has different nitty-gritty details regarding this. In Australia, modafinil is also a prescription drug that is very much legal to own!

Australia allows physicians to prescribe modafinil for conditions requiring a wakefulness-inducing medicine. However, getting modafinil without a prescription in Australia is tricky; it is not an over-the-counter drug!

The Therapeutic Goods Act, or TGA, governs categorizing drugs in Australia. This act groups drugs depending on how addictive or risky they are. Based on the TGA, modafinil is a Schedule 4 substance. This means that the Australian government views modafinil as medicine with addiction or abuse potential.

However, this classification may be hyperbolic. Based on previous medical data on modafinil, life-threatening side effects, abuse, or dependence issues are rare. Despite medical data proving otherwise, we might not see this classification change for now.

Customs Regulations When Importing Modafinil Into Australia

Australian Customs and Borders Officer viewing x-ray monitor
Modafinil is a Schedule 4 substance based on Australia’s policies. Purchasing it without a doctor’s prescription may not be easy. However, given the rise of the virtual market, modafinil can be bought from online sellers, and they will ship it right to your doorstep!

Parallel to the TGA classifications, the Australian government’s Office of Drug Control set out a list of strictly controlled substances. These substances are either prescription medicines or illegal substances.

Fortunately, the drug modafinil can legally be shipped into Australia for your personal use. Modafinil is, by law, a legal substance to possess, so do not worry if you are looking to get your hands on this memory and wakefulness booster!

Importing medicines, like modafinil for personal use, are generally allowed in Australia. Shipping small amounts of modafinil from online sellers is possible. Moreover, suppose you would like to carry it when you travel into Australia personally. In that case, the traveler’s exemption permits you to bring up to three months’ worth of modafinil when you travel.

Note, however, that prescription medications must have a copy of the corresponding prescription as it is imported based on the TGA recommendations. So be aware of this if the customs inspection at Australia’s border halts your modafinil package. Moreover, customs regulation usually stops the entry of suspicious products such as supplements with inadequate labels or counterfeit pills.

In terms of importing, Australia also has some import duty tax to place over your purchase. Generally, a 5% import duty based on the value of your purchase might be asked from you.

Laws and importation regulations are dynamic. By the time you read this, there might already be a few tweaks. Keep yourself posted on current events regarding your local authorities’ regulations, just to be safe.

Where To Buy Modafinil In Australia?

Buyers and sellers find more ways to access this product, given the increasing interest in personal usage of modafinil.

In Australia, as long as you bring a doctor’s prescription, you can purchase modafinil in pharmacies that have them. The catch is that you might not have a prescription if you want to try it out for personal use.

You may stumble upon unscrupulous dealers trying to sell modafinil, especially to students at alleys or other weird locations. Keep your guard up with these kinds of dealers! You can’t know for sure if they are selling genuine and FDA-approved modafinil pills.

To address the problems of buying modafinil face-to-face, legitimate online vendors are now sprouting on the internet. Surprisingly, online modafinil stores gather colossal success!

Recently, the online platform provides more accessible means of purchasing modafinil in Australia. You can quickly check out several pills if you want to try them out first. Bulk orders are discounted!

When you buy modafinil online, it will most likely come from a country outside Australia. Hence, it will be shipped. Before it comes to your home, it will stop by customs clearance. Hundreds of packages arrive there every hour! So, it is inefficient if the customs team opens each package. So, do not be anxious if you think that your hundred-dollar modafinil purchase gets halted there. There is a minuscule probability of that happening!

Similar to buying it face-to-face, not all online stores are reliable. Modafinil sold online still has the possibility of being placebos made by opportunistic dealers. Therefore, as a responsible buyer, you need to research online sellers who sell legitimate and safe pills with the best bang for the buck.

What To Know When You Buy Modafinil Online In Australia

Australian man in beanie and jacket buying modafinil online using his phone
Buying modafinil online and shipping it to your location in Australia is an excellent option. However, given the risk of purchasing a counterfeit smart drug, here is a simple guide:

Online Vendors

ModafinilXL might be the vendor to pop up as you search. They sell legitimate modafinil at reasonable prices and discounts. Moreover, they are successful in shipping to their buyers in Australia!

BuyModa (that’s us!) is another online pharmacy where you can buy authentic modafinil and armodafinil products. We are extremely competitive in terms of our pricing and shipping speed. We also provide 24/7 customer service.

Lastly, a relatively new modafinil seller is NeoModafinil. Despite being new to the virtual selling world, NeoModafinil is also a go-to site for Australian buyers. If you are looking for an alternative, NeoModafinil can be your next choice.

These modafinil vendors are of good reputation, and you may enjoy reliable transactions with them. To ensure that an online modafinil vendor is reliable, always check their customers’ reviews!

The Reddit forums are a great place to learn more about other people who have bought and used modafinil in Australia. But like most online platforms, don’t believe the first piece of advice you come across. Always get a second option. And a third. Fourth. Maybe more. If the majority of sources are saying it’s true, it usually is—right?


Medicines’ costs fluctuate because their market price depends on many pharmaceutical and medical production and research. With the development of generic modafinil, a lower price is now available in the market. If you find your allowance depleting fast, choosing the generic modafinil can give you the same effect for a lower value!

Checking the prices of modafinil in pharmacies will probably surprise you. It ranges from as little as US$0.79 (AU$1.07) to US$58.84 (AU$79.58) per pill! And you can expect to pay more if you buy modafinil from your local high street, brick and mortar pharmacy. There really is a massive gap between generic and branded pricing.

Online dealers, like ourselves, also have affordable pricing since we usually source it directly from the manufacturers of modafinil. So, we are able to sell our products at a cheaper price. BuyModa pricing varies slightly depending on the product you purchase. We have generic forms of both modafinil and armodafinil.

BuyModa Modafinil & Armodafinil Pricing

Our Modvigil (modafinil) tablets sell at US$65 (AU$87.91) for 30 pills. That’s only US$2.10 (AU$2.84) per tablet! And if you buy a bulk supply of modafinil, then you save even more! Our highest bulk quantity available through the e-commerce store is 500 modafinil or armodafinil pills.

You can buy 500 modvigil tablets for US$395 (AU$534.24). That’s a mere US$0.79 (AU$1.07) for one tablet! Talk about great savings!

Wait. There’s more!

Spend over $150 and get 30 modafinil or armodafinil tablets for free! And you get to choose which free product you want at checkout.

Want even more discounts when you buy modafinil and armodafinil from our online store?

You’ve got it!

Make payments for your modafinil or armodafinil purchase using Bitcoin, Litecoin, or other altcoins via CoinPayments and you save a further 20%!

Here’s an example of the savings you can make when you buy from BuyModa:

Pricing Table for Modvigil Discounts | BuyModa Modafinil Pricing

That works out as US$0.59 (AU$0.80) per pill!


Not all online modafinil shops will ship their products to Australia. Or if they do, your parcel can take FOREVER to arrive! So always check the shipping terms on the sellers’ website and also read reviews from previous Australian customers.

In most cases, shipping into Australia takes between 7 to 11 days.

Delivery costs may vary depending on which part of Australia you live in.

However, if you buy modafinil from BuyModa, you can enjoy free shipping! No minimum purchase is required.

Refund Policy

As your rights as a customer, you should have the power to a refund if you are not satisfied with your order. As it should be, online stores like ModafinilCL, NeoModafinil, and our very own BuyModa, all give full refund guarantees if your order does not reach your doorstep.

Received Goods

Similar to anything you purchase online, immediately inspect your modafinil package as soon as you receive it. Make sure that they are sold in blister packs with adequate labels, expirations dates, and untampered seals. You can always question the seller if you find something wrong with any of your orders.


Modafinil is a rising star for people who just want extra memory and alertness boosts. Possessing this medicine in Australia is 100% legal! However, it is classified as a prescription medicine for medicinal applications. Buying modafinil at pharmacies will be difficult if you do not ask your doctor first, as you will require a prescription.

Hence, online vendors will help you get your hands on modafinil! As long as you purchase modafinil from legitimate vendors, you are good to go. When in doubt, you can always consult with the seller or Reddit forums to find a safe vendor to place your money on!

But since you’re already here, why not buy modafinil from your friendly and trusted online vendor!


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