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Modafinil and Alcohol Mix: Cocktail Recipes To Stay Away From

Modafinil and Alcohol | 3 Friends Toasting With Their Cocktail Glasses

If you mix modafinil and alcohol, would your body thank you for it? The answer is no! in this article, we will see the effects of modafinil and alcohol individually and if combined. You’re in for a surprise when you hear what this dangerous combo can do to you!

Effects Of Taking Modafinil

The current market gives us lots of medicine that can address almost every problem we need to fix! For instance, modafinil is a prescription medication that doctors often recommend to help treat people with narcolepsy, severe sleep apnea, and shift sleep disorder symptoms. This medicine works on these cases because it makes you less sleepy and tired!

Because of those two main effects, users often take modafinil as a nootropic, otherwise known as a smart drug. Modafinil will give healthy individuals up to 12 hours of better focus, increased memory, and cognitive function even if taken off-label. Aside from that, users also report having a better mood, productivity, and overall well-being!

Of course, who would not want to utilize these benefits! Students, night shift workers, and some other people would love to get the brain-boosting benefits of modafinil. Aside from all this good stuff, studies have shown that modafinil is effective and gives minimal side effects to both its healthy users and prescription purposes.

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Effects of Alcohol Intake

On the other hand, alcohol is a far stretch compared to modafinil! This substance is also a drug that can induce physical, behavioral, and pathological effects on the body. Alcohol is considered a sedative, depressant, and mild anesthetic.

In some social events, alcohol is always present! People see drinking alcohol together as a form of socializing or a simple way to release stress and unwind. This is because alcohol makes you feel relaxed and euphoric. Along with these behavioral effects, alcohol can make you flush, sweat, and increase your heart rate and blood pressure.

Unfortunately, booze is not the best substance to be taken injudiciously. Yes, you can feel good as you take it, but your body can suffer in the long run. According to studies, alcohol affects your organs and can lead to heart problems, liver disease, and can increase the chances of developing cancer!
Man wearing polar bear head is crashed out on curb side with empty bottles of alcohol

Modafinil and Alcohol: Is It A Great Combination?

Now that we have seen how modafinil and alcohol are on their own, would it be a great idea to combine them? Always keep in mind that alcohol should not be mixed with modafinil.

Alcohol does precisely the opposite of modafinil’s benefits to your body. The leading cause of this issue is the way alcohol and modafinil work on your brain’s neurotransmitters. Simply put, alcohol and modafinil work exactly the contrary of each other! Imagine something like a tug-of-war happening in your brain’s neurotransmitters. This combination leads to nothing but trouble.

Furthermore, also note that modafinil is a prescription drug. In general, you should not consume prescription drugs with booze. As every medicine has its own side effects, drinking alcohol can change the drug’s performance in your body. The adverse effects of a particular medication can be severely heightened when you drink it along with a massive amount of alcohol.

Modafinil-Alcohol Side Effects And Interactions You Need To Know

So what would be the side effects of the dangerous modafinil-alcohol combo? According to some anecdotes, modafinil and alcohol may give you some unpredictable problems. It can be as simple as increased alcohol tolerance or as bad as experiencing blackouts. Moreover, the side effects of modafinil can be exacerbated. This includes anxiety, nausea, insomnia, nervousness, and intestinal discomfort.

People would tend to overdrink if they used modafinil that day. Modafinil and alcohol, as they play tug-of-war in your neurotransmitters, can make your body oblivious to any feelings or side effects. Hence, you would think you can still drink more, even if you have already reached your limit.

Moreover, you may also get drunk a lot faster. Remember, modafinil can suppress your appetite. As you grab booze with an empty stomach, you will absorb alcohol more quickly, hence getting hammered easily.

In Summary

Unfortunately, modafinil and alcohol might not be the next cocktail recipe for you to try. Modafinil and alcohol are like the opposite poles of the magnet. They work on your body at literally the inverse of what the other does! If you take these two, you will put too much strain on your brain’s neurotransmitters and lead to unwanted problems.

It would be best to avoid modafinil and alcohol if you do not want to have extreme side effects. You can always get boozy some other time!