What are your payment methods?

All of our payment methods are dynamic. Whenever the method is available, it will be shown to you. It will only be shown to you when the method is valid and operating properly.

Do note that we may soon switch to BITCOIN-ONLY, so please familiarize yourself with how to buy Bitcoins. Here is a link to a good tutorial (there are many on YouTube):

Here’s a tutorial on how to withdraw or spend your coins with Blockchain.com”


See the checkout page to know what options are currently available to you. Please note that the availability of certain payment options (except Bitcoin) are dynamic and subject to availability.

Payment tidbits

  • Credit card payments are completed instantly. *Note that you should call your card issuer for pre-approval of foreign transactions prior to completing your payment if using a MASTERCARD/AMEX*
  • PayPal payments are completed instantly. It is normal for a random third party to be who you pay*
  • Instant PayPal payments are charged a US $25 fee to partially cover the high fees charged to us.
  • Bitcoin or cryptocurrency payments receive an instant 20% discount.
  • Various third parties are used for manual credit card processing.  Please contact our support department, not the third party billers.
  • All payments are subject to various verification methods that should match your info with your card or account issuer.
  • It is normal to see an unrelated business name attached to any charges for the utmost in discretion.